Thursday, June 22, 2017

Website user experience checklist - Website usability checklist in 2017

I have been thinking a lot lately about my method. Experience is a factor that is powerful, but it's rare that people sit down and attempt to map out what we know.
Despite the fact that it's portion of my choices that were paid, I've decided to share this checklist. A few disclaimers: First, I actually don't claim this list is extensive or unique. Jakob Nielsen has a fantastic 113-level checklist in his book, Homepage Usability, for instance. That is my way of arranging what I feel is essential while attempting to keep it manageable. My use of phrases might differ from yours. I use "usability" in a really broad sense, and my use of "accessibility" is not very industry standard. Do not like it? Write your own checklist ;) Ultimately, an advance warning that this post is fairly long.
Basic Overview
The listing is split into 4 approximately equal sections, (I) Accessibility, (II) Identity, (I-II) Navigation, and (IV) Content. I'll rationalize and explain all the sections and line things under, but you could also download the checklist as a simple, 1-page PDF.
I try to keep it easy with 3 basic scores: (1) Green Check = Great/Pass, (2) Red Check = Needs work, but no disaster, (3) Red X = Negative/Fail. Not allpoints are fundamentally relevant to any or all sites.

Images Have Proper ALT Tags

Not only do sight-impaired visitors use ALT tags, but research engines require your images to be understood by them. That is especially critical when you use images for content that is key, like menu items.

Site Load -time Is Reasonable

Call me old school, but I still want to view sites come in under 100KB (60KB is even better). Most folks will just abandon, if a site requires eternally to load. Yes, a lot folks have broadband now, but that makes our patience even thinner.

Major Headings Are Apparent & Descriptive

Most individuals do not read online, they skim. Use headings (major and small) to established content apart and keep it structured. Headings should be clear, and for SEO advantage, using heading tags (, , etc.).

Ads & Pop-ups Are Unobtrusive

Ads are a fact of lifestyle, but combine them nicely in to your website. Don't try to force ads and pop ups down peoples' throats. Also, do a favor to people and make your advertisements clear. If you blur the line between advertisements and content also much, your content may suffer.

Home-page Is Digestible In 5 Seconds

We frequently discuss regarding the 5-second rule. There is some disagreement over just how many seconds you get, but website visitors really are a fickle bunch, and they need to get the essential gist of your home page in just several moments.
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Clear Route to Con-Tact Information

Similarly, visitors want to know they can get in touch with you whenever they require to. It is also hard if you can not be contacted by any one to do company. Preferably, list your con-Tact information as text (perhaps not in an image) - it'll get found by lookup engines, including local queries.

Clear Way To to Company Information

The good old "About U-S" page may appear dull, but self-assurance is important on the internet, and folks need a simple method to discover mo-Re about you.

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